lemon skillet chicken + roasted veggies

This is a staple meal in our house. I’ve been making this lemon skillet chicken for almost a year now. It usually has a heavy cream based sauce, but I’ve left out the heavy cream until I can find an alternative the kids like! It’s easy to make and I always have the ingredients handy. […]

lemon garlic meatballs (gluten free)

I spend way too much time on Pinterest, recipe searching and frankly, just in general. It’s such a time suck. I think I’m getting on to find one thing and wind up spending an hour looking at nail polish colors. In our house, we’ve (and by we I mean my husband and me) are kind […]

world’s best gf/(mostly)df brownies

My oldest turns 9 on Tuesday. But today, we had a little gathering for him. The kids have been trying REALLY hard to get used to their new normal. Believe it or not, the 6 year old is better at it than the almost 9 year old! But I guess he has had more time […]

sushi saves the day

Some days you just can’t cook. Like really, today I can NOT cook because I can barely move. Apparently I forgot I’m no longer 25 and in great shape, so spending the day moving bags of mulch, digging, hammering in rail road ties and working out in the hot sun done DONE ME IN. So […]

the blueberry mule

  Blueberries aren’t just for kids and their muffins. Nope, Mama gets to enjoy them too. A not-so-fun fact about me… almost every alcohol gives me migraines! Yay me! Glass of wine with dinner? MIGRAINE. An Ice Cold Grapefruit beer at the lake on a hot summer day? MIGRAINE. Some bubbly to celebrate the New […]

gf/df blueberry muffins

  Changing my kids’ favorite recipes to be gluten and dairy free has been a challenge. While my kids aren’t picky eaters, they do have picky tastes. They get it from their foodie parents I suppose! The BEST gluten free flour we have found so far is the King Arthur’s Measure for Measure Flour! My […]

our story…

My kids have always been decent eaters. They are generally good about trying new things (after some threats) and truly do love healthy foods. One time last year, they were misbehaving at the grocery store (as 5 and 7 year old boys do) and I loudly threatened to put back the brussel sprouts that were […]

hello world, it’s me, christina

You might be wondering who I am and why I started YET ANOTHER mom/food/life blog. I’m wondering that too, trust me. I’m an almost 40 (five more months of 30s bliss) year old mom of two boys, married nearly 19 years, photographer, and over ambitious helper of people. Which is how I got roped into […]