Creamy Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

My 9 year old has been BEGGING me to make this soup ever since he decided to finally try tomato soup at a restaurant and loved it. It was a staple of mine at every Thanksgiving we hosted (yes I know it’s not traditional, but I don’t care) over the past 10 years. It’s easy, […]

busy mom’s crockpot chicken tacos

This was a HUGE hit in our house tonight! It’s was fast and easy (minus the shredding part, but I enlisted the hubby’s help for that and it went faster). The boys gobbled it up, hubby loved it and everyone asked for more! I used store bought ingredients to make it even easier! CROCKPOT CHICKEN […]

gluten/dairy free tortillas

One of the foods I have missed the most since going gluten free is soft flour tortillas. I have yet to find a brand of gf ones that taste good! Most are too doughy or flimsy and just aren’t that great! So I decided to tackle making them myself. Let’s just say… it’s harder than […]

avocado cilantro lime dressing

There are three green foods that this household cannot live without. Avocados, Cilantro and Lime. Combining them all together is just pure heaven. I could literally eat this dressing with a spoon. It’s THAT GOOD. AVOCADO CILANTRO LIME DRESSING 2 large avocados 2 handfuls of cilantro (we use a lot because we love it) 4 […]

gf/df banana walnut chocolate chip muffins

Tonight was as close to a miracle as I can get… my kids were helpful, kind and didn’t complain or argue once during dinner! To honor this momentous occasion, I rewarded them with a delicious treat. Ok, let’s be honest… mama wanted something sweet and this recipe fit the bill without needing a ton of […]

spicy zuppa toscana

This one isn’t for the kiddos. Well, not yet at least. Both boys like a little spice, the youngest likes a LOT of spice, but this may be a bit too much. However, I ADORE this soup. it’s crazy easy (and fast) to make, and I literally could stuff myself on this until I burst. […]

korean beef bowl

  This is one of our favorite quick meals! From start to finish it takes around 20 min (including prep) so it’s definitely a winner for busy days! Everyone loves it (it’s a miracle, y’all) and I get the cutest little sous chef to help me make it! Adjust amounts for your own tastes. We […]

gluten + dairy free waffle heaven

I’m thankful to be married to the Breakfast King. Seriously. My husband is in charge of mornings and makes THE BEST breakfasts out there! He’s been so awesome with our family change to gluten/dairy free. He is actually the one that found the flour we use after trying many, many types! The kids were worried […]

turkey cupcakes with cauliflower frosting

I came home from a looooooooong day of work and found two packages of ground turkey defrosting on the counter. I asked my husband what he planned for dinner, and his response was “ummmmmmm”. So I quickly jumped on Pinterest and did my thing. You know, the thing where I look at 700,000 recipes (ok […]