sushi saves the day

Some days you just can’t cook. Like really, today I can NOT cook because I can barely move. Apparently I forgot I’m no longer 25 and in great shape, so spending the day moving bags of mulch, digging, hammering in rail road ties and working out in the hot sun done DONE ME IN. So no cooking for tired mama (and dad too since he was also doing all of the above).

A few weeks ago we would have ordered in pizza and called it a night. But now the whole gluten/dairy issue makes life more… interesting (read: challenging). Top this all off with our older son coming home with a stomachache from eating a huge donut at school (I’m so over birthday treats, lol) which had… gluten. Oops. It’s hard, I get it. I feel bad for the kids, but the younger guy was smart and when offered a treat in his class… he said no.

Anyhoooo, here’s where having kids that are willing to try things comes in handy. We ordered in Japanese! Made the whole family happy. Boys now love sushi and shrimp and we can order a gf/df takeout (for 3x the price of pizza, but hey, it’s something). Eating out has become more challenging but I’ve found that if I look harder enough, I can find options that work!

What’s your favorite gf/df takeout?



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