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My kids have always been decent eaters. They are generally good about trying new things (after some threats) and truly do love healthy foods. One time last year, they were misbehaving at the grocery store (as 5 and 7 year old boys do) and I loudly threatened to put back the brussel sprouts that were in our cart for dinner. They proceeded to break down crying and yelling “please don’t put the brussel sprouts back, we’ll be good”! I got a lot of very odd looks from people, but hey, I finished shopping in relative peace. So there’s that.


A few months ago we noticed our younger guy complaining his tummy hurt after most meals. We chalked it up to him being a whiny 6 year old (sidenote – what is it about age 6 that makes them whine so dang much? I mean really. Is there a switch I can flip somewhere to stop it?) and told him to stop stuffing himself. Kid can eat. Seriously. But then one week after a nasty stomach bug that was passed around his school, he started complaining MORE and MORE. Of course, hubs was out of town when the sh*t hit the fan and at 1am, after eating pizza, ice cream, and 2 full glasses of milk (hey I was tired, ok), he came into my room screaming in pain and asking to go to the doctor. After a quick once over to rule out a few biggies (no fever, no appendicitis pain, etc…) I put a heat pad on his belly, cuddled him up and he passed out. Woke up the next more perfectly fine. Then he had milk for breakfast and BAM, pain.


I decided to play scientist (I do have a Pre-Med degree after all), and took him off all dairy for 2 weeks. Introduced it back and PAIN. We have found through trial and error that he has a threshold for it though. He can handle small amounts, so we are VERY careful what he has in a day. Then, to our delight (why isn’t there a sarcasm font?) our older son started to exhibit the same symptoms.


So that explains Diary Free us. On to Gluten Free. We’ve been low gluten for a while now. I personally just feel better (less bloated and sluggish). We’ve used GF pasta for years, but started to notice both boys behaved better when they had less gluten. Their focus in school is better, attitude is better and they are more active. So when we found out we needed to be DF, we just bit the bullet and went GF too. Truth be told, we aren’t THAT strict on it. At home, we try to adhere as much as possible, because we know when we are out or they are with friends, it may be harder to do so. Like I said before, they can tolerate both to a point, so we are VERY lucky in that regard.


This blog was born out of our journey to find healthy, but tasty ideas for the whole family. Because Mama ain’t a short order cook, so we’ve all gone DF/GF. Thanks for reading this far, you win an award! Granted, it’s just a virtual “thanks for reading this far” from me, but hey, some days, even that feels great!

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